Get to know the couple behind Minimnt - About Us
The people behind the Minimnt brand. Our Story and Values.
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We are Ash and Matt – two kids who never really grew up.

We don’t like being told what to do and we always jump in head first.

We love Australia and believe in keeping things local.

Because our country is the best local in the world!

We were always questioning our paths. We always wanted to be different. We always wanted to have choices,

Like the choice to work until 5am to go swimming in the ocean at sunrise.

A year ago, Ash was designing kidswear for a pretty famous Australian brand,

and Matt was putting his business degree to good use.

We enjoyed what we were doing

until we realised we were working for companies that played it safe.

Companies that didn’t share our passion for breaking the mold.

Companies that were so big they didn’t really care about the individual.

So we combined our very different skill sets together
to create a brand that represents us…

We are different to other brands. We don’t pigeonhole kids into categories. Of course boys can wear pink and girls can be into cricket – why the hell not?! Bonus, all our designs are made for kids to choose their own outfits and for parents to be safe in the knowledge that every top goes with every bottom.

We believe in ethically made clothing, keeping manufacturing in Australia, and to use as much cotton as possible.

We also believe in hand-me-downs and our unisex designs make it possible to pass-it-on to a brother or a sister!

Every little part of a Minimnt garment is designed from scratch, from the tiny wooden buttons to the hand-drawn prints.

Everything is custom and everything is made just for kids.

If you give kids a choice, you might be surprised by what they choose.

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